Gali jodi

ankur kumar asked 1 year ago
Jamestoove replied 1 year ago

COVID-19 outbreak: airplanes grounded, borders closed, businesses shut, citizens quarantined, political power seized, democracy undermined.
All this, if it is not stopped shortly, can lead to chaos and unrests.
Currently http://ST-lF.NET focus on raising awareness of the social impact that radically politicized approach to handling CoronaVirus Pandemic will have on the younger generations.
Your support is needed to reduce the destructive impact the lock-down brings to bear on the younger generation.
Every 1$ makes a difference.
Please, take a moment to watch our presentation video and review our campaigns http://ST-lF.NET

DavidBorry replied 1 year ago

Hi there:
Hope you are keeping well despite the current Circuit Breaker lockdown in Singapore.

If not, I have some good news, hope can perk you up little bit.

If you or you know of someone who are:
1. extremely stressed out by the current COVID-19 situation, not sure how to cope with it any longer as it has already impacted the livelihood or one’s view towards life
2. with pre-existing psychological conditions, exacerbated by the current COVID-19 situation, seeing no light in the future, losing hope or starting to give up
3. in need of a mental boost to one’s self-confidence and resilience to fight this crisis and overcome any associated challenges

I urge you to pls book a complimentary 1:1 online counselling and hypnotherapy session with us to bring back control and take your life back ASAP.

Pls use this coupon code “GIFT” to fully waive off the $89 session cost when booking online.
Limit to the FIRST 10 redemptions only. So hurry and pls share this out to others who may benefit!

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Pls use the all-in-one contact button in to reach us. Thank you.

Arvind replied 1 year ago

Faridabad mein kya khulega single jodi

Paramjeet singh replied 1 year ago

Gali main aj kya number ayega

Paramjeet singh replied 1 year ago

Gali main aj kya number ayega